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MKT Expertise

Direct - To - Consumer Expertise

Direct-to-Consumer Analysis
Evaluate wine club and all marketing materials
Review current marketing materials and hospitality programs
Provide feedback on current experiences and areas of improvements
Develop a timeline for DTC strategic deliverables based on analysis
Hiring and Training
Determine staffing needs for DTC sales department
Hire hospitality staff including Tasting Room Manager if necessary
Lead all first round interviews and assist in final interviews
Assist in writing new or revising job descriptions
Implement POS system (RMS/Elypsis) and train team
Analyze and provide feedback for each hospitality employee on areas of strengths and improvements
Hospitality & Wine Club
Advise on wine club benefits, tiers and offerings
Collaborate with managers for tour programs and hospitality offerings
Structure or Re-structure tasting fees and hospitality offerings
Incentives and Budgets
Define tasting room sales goals and budgets
Develop incentive program for tasting room employees
Identify key metrics/success measurements
Create data recording templates for incentives
Assist DTC sales departments with annual budgets